Hack Attack

Print, Packaging


Developed as a Kickstarter concept, Hack Attack is a team card game for 2–6 players with the theme of hacking. The goal is to steal the other teams’ data before they steal yours.

Each turn players may defend their own data with a firewall, attack an opponent’s data with a virus, or play a special card to gain an advantage. Created with my teammate Trent Turner, the game is designed with accessibility in mind, so no coding knowledge is necessary. Instead, Hack Attack uses color and numerical strength values to make game play easy.


The game includes three types of cards: Data Pieces, Short Firewall Cards, and Main Cards.

The video provides a quick explanation of the Hack Attack and its basic rules.

The package for the game, built by Trent, reflects the design on the back of the cards and allows the cards to be layered into the package in designated sections according to their size.


Detailed directions on how to play Hack Attack are included in the rulebook. Since the table setup is very distinctive and important to gameplay, the rules include diagrams and examples for help with arranging the cards before and during the game.


To promote the technology theme without getting too technical, an 8-bit illustration style was used to reference old-school game culture. Thinner solid lines and bold colors keep the game feeling up-to-date.


To ensure Hack Attack was actually playable and entertaining, we gathered some of our close friends for a game night with an early paper prototype and some quarters as the data pieces.

Feedback was overall positive, with a few suggestions we incorporated into the final game, such as adding additional green cards.