Perfume Notes

Print, Infographic


With so many perfumes to choose from, finding the perfect scent is difficult. Perfume Notes takes the search process into the user's hands by providing them with a guided personal exploration of notes, which are the basic ingredients in perfume.

The physical book is accompanied by 50 note samples for the user to test and write their perceptions. This format allows users to narrow down their note preferences using the guide and better understand which types of perfume suit their tastes.


Perfume Notes is based on an analysis of 306 popular perfumes and 50 common perfume notes, which are provided as samples along with the book.

The first section of the book provides a general overview of perfume and the process used to provide the recommendations in the book. This portion shows how perfume notes can be classified according to type, occasion, and personality as well as how they are combined into a perfume composition.


Perfume Notes features guided instructions for finding a perfume based on the different classification systems available, such as a note family wheel.

Other explanations, like the notes featured in an elegant vs. sophisticated perfume, help the reader narrow down which of the fifty included notes to test.  


The last section of the Perfume Notes book is a series of pages for the reader's personal thoughts.

Based on recommendations from the previous two sections, the reader can explore their preferences by choosing from 50 notes available to smell. Each note has its own page for documenting opinions and ratings. The pages also include suggestions regarding which notes pair well together and how the scent is usually described.