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PlantSense App

Information System, UI Design


Ever wish plants could tell you what they need? Though talking plants haven't happened yet, PlantSense gets you close through technology.

Since plant care instructions appear on small tags, which are easily misplaced or thrown away, PlantSense provides a platform to track them all in one place. It is a mobile app designed to take the guesswork out of plant care. Users can log their plants in the app and pair them with a sensor which provides real-time updates about plant health. The app provides care instructions and warnings with a playful, approachable twist. 

Plant Phone Mockup copy.jpg

Illustrated plants appear on the home screen of the app to signify how all of the plants are doing. Any plant with a red icon moves to the top of the list. 

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The home screen uses color as a warning system to signify how all of the plants are doing.

The color of the home screen changes to provide a quick visual cue of the owner's plants. It can be either green, yellow, or red to signify overall plant health. Any plant with a red icon will appear at the top of the list.