Slow Space

Identity, Environmental Design


Slow Space is a conceptual public place, much like a park or museum, intended to help people retreat from the busy world and slow down.

It is inspired by the Slow Movement, which encourages intentional moments, contentment, and quality over quantity. Suppose cities have bought into the idea of slow spaces and want to create places where people can pause, linger, and relax. This first Slow Space is located in NYC and occupies the former building of a shopping mall.



Inspired by the meditative, waving lines in zen gardens, the brand for Slow Space uses five lines to represent the different areas within the space. Each stage builds upon the others and are as follows:

Shed the outside world. Share in meaningful conversation. Savor your surroundings. Soothe your mind. Sustain the slow mindset.


To better visualize Slow Space and the experience of being in it, a model showing each area and floor was created.


After designing the model of the full space in SketchUp, renders of each area were created to reinforce the meditative and nature-filled aesthetics of the space.

Shed is a locker area for leaving the outside world behind. Share is a courtyard for gathering and conversation. Savor is the indoor water and garden to observe and enjoy. Soothe is a series of private rooms for solitude and mediation. Finally, Sustain is parting question to remind visitors to carry the slow mindset with them even as they leave.


The digital presence announcing the launch and opening of Slow Space, evokes the meditative and sensory quality of the space as well as the brand colors.

The website features soothing video and unique transitions, describing each area of Slow Space. Both the website and the Instagram page feature an eye-catching grids to emphasize the way the space has been curated specially for the users.